About twenty five south of Greenwood is the unincorporated town of Gwin Mississippi. I had never heard of Gwin until I started working for the Illinois Central, but is was important station on the railroad. About 150 miles south of Memphis, it was a crew change point for all freight trains traveling beween Memphis and New Orleans.

In May of 1986, it all changed. The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad moved the crew change point to McComb, Ms, some one hundered fifty miles south of Gwin. These pictures were taken by Mike Durff on the day before Gwin was shut down. Click on the picture to see the slide show.

As the above 1977 track profile shows, Gwin once had six yard tracks, a hotel for train crews and a wye which once was the Tchula District track to Durant, MS. Click on the profile to enlarge. For more click on the green arrow.