Tom's Closet

Various documents I've accumulated over the years which might be of interest

The first run of the City of New Orleans - Articles from the Memphis Press Scimitar and Commercial Appeal

"Restructuring leaves barely a bump on IC's Mainline"  Article from Chicago Tribune Business Section, September 6, 1988, (PDF)

"Vistas Of Mid-America" A brochure given to passengers on the City of New Orleans. This one is from 1957 

"End of the line for Central Station" Article from  May 1972 Illinois Central Magazine (PDF)

General Motor's "Train of Tomorrow" toured the country in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Memphis Motor Car Shop Photos

"Office Car One" Brochure - given out at appearances of the Illinois Central Office Car.

 "IC's Microwave: Planned for Profit" -  Reprint from May 1967 Railway Age  about IC's new "Main" computer system.

"Aboard the "City of Miami" Florida bound" -  A 1963 brochure given to passengers on the "City of Miami".

1997 Illinois Central Train Schedules - Dated October 27, 1997

Illinois Central Steam -  Photographs from the archives of the IC

The Illinois Central had an Official Calendar which was not available to the general public. With the help of the IllinoisCentral Historical Society, the IC's 1998 calendar featured some real nice photos.