(This Calendar was not available to the general public)

January 1998.IC 764, 2-8-0 Consolidation, was built by Rogers and Schenectady around 1902-03. The location and date of this photo is not shown.

February 1998.IC 2414, Mountain type 4-8-2 gets the full treatment (coal, water, sand and lubrication). These engines were used in passenger service. Even as late as the 1950's, IC 2300 and 2400 Mountains were used on secondary passenger trains, as well as connections to Louisville, Ky. and St Louis, Mo, for the City of New Orleans and Panama Limited.

March 1998. The side of the car reads "Illinois Central Motor Car" and the milepost is "L-9-86." If You have more information about this photo, E-Mail me and I will add it to this caption.

April 1998. This picture was taken on the IC's Birmingham District, near Haleyville, Al. on the route used by the City of Miami. It's now part of the Norfolk Southern.

May 1998. The most famous of any Illinois Central Photograph is "The Five Titans" five steam locomotives lined up in downtown Chicago.

June 1998. The "Pelican" ferry carried Illinois Central traffic across the Mississippi River to Helena, Arkansas.

July 1998. This picture was probably taken in the Manchac- La Place, La. area where the IC skirts the western edge of Lake Ponchatrain as it nears New Orleans.

August 1998. Probably taken in the 1950's,this picture shows an IC train crossing the dam at Gilbertsville,KY across the Tennessee River.

September 1998. The guy on the left is Teddy Roosevelt, date and location unknown.

October 1998. IC's heavyweight commuter cars, date not shown.

November 1998.This picture is featured on the dust cover of "From the Lakes to the Gulf, The Illinois Central Railroad Story" by Alan Lind.

December 1998. Rockford, Il., date not shown.

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