The morning of May 25,1997, Glenda and I , armed with information gleened from The Cyberspace Railroad and the Monticello Railway Museum Home Pages, headed down I-57 toward Monticello, Il. to ride the excursion train pulled by NKP 587.

The IC was well represented in the consist, the leading car being combination passenger/ baggage IC 892 followed by commuter RI 2541, NKP 1907 "Vista Gon", coach IC 2920 and on the rear IC Office car 7.

Inside the vintage IC 892, built by Pullman in 1918, the vintage conductor in his equally vintage New York Central uniform collects the tickets.

Privately owned and beautifully maintained Illinois Central office car number 7 brings up the rear. IC #7 was built by Pullman in 1917

Other IC equipment Included privately owned dormitory car 1906 (built in 1951 by the IC). Louvered vent windows, screen door and the dog lying inside the door are probably not original equipment.

The museum has 3 IC cabooses. IC 9831, shown here, was built in 1941.

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