Illinois Central Train Symbols The following is a list of freight train symbols used on the Illinois Central Updated thru 8/16/00. Intermodal Intermodal trains all have the letter I and a number I01 Chicago to New Orleans Daily I02 New Orleans to Chicago Daily I03 Chicago to New Orleans Daily I04 New Orleans to Chicago Daily I05 Centralia to Venice(E St.Louis) Daily except Monday I06 Venice (E St. Louis to Centralia Daily except Sunday I07 Venice (East St. Louis) to Memphis Daily I08 Memphis to Venice Daily I09 Jackson, MS to Mobile Daily I10 Mobile to Jackson Daily I11 Chicago to Council Bluffs (CCP) Daily I12 Council Bluffs to Chicago (CCP) Daily Through Freight Symbols These use two letters of the orign city and two letters for the destination city. BRME Baton Rouge to Memphis Daily CADE Cairo to Decatur Daily CEJA Centralia to Jackson Daily CHME Chicago to Memphis Daily CPGL Champaign to Glenn Yard (Chicago) Daily CHWL Markham to Waterloo Daily CPGL Champaign to Glenn Yard Daily CPMK Champaign to Markham Daily DECA Decatur to Cairo Daily EFCE Effingham to Centralia Daily FUPD Fulton-Paducah Turn Daily GENO1 Geismar to Mays Yard Daily except Monday GENO2 Geismar-New Orleans Turn Daily except Sunday GETO Geismar to Tolono (NS) Daily GLME Glenn Yard to Memphis Daily JACH Jackson to Champaign Daily JAFE Jackson-Ferguson Turn Daily JAHB Jackson to Hattiesburg Daily JAME Jackson to Memphis Daily except Sunday JANA Jackson-Natchez Turn Daily MEEF Memphis to Effingham Daily MEGL Memphis to Glenn Yard Daily MEJA Memphis to Jackson Daily except Sunday NOME New Orleans to Memphis Daily TOGE New Orleans to Tolono Daily WLCH Waterloo to Markham Daily Unit Train Symbols: Grain trains have the letter G as the leading letter in their symbols. They usually have the shippers's initial as the next two letters and the destination as the last two letters. GCARS would be a Cargill train going to Reserve, LA. A train designated as GPERE is a grain train from Peavey Grain to Remy, La. Empty train trains are usually called GNOCH for Grain New Orleans to Chicago. Unit coal trains start their symbols with the letter U. Coal trains' symbols are more like the regular freight as the first two letters are the origin and the last two are the destination. Unit coal trains are operated as needed. Examples: UKMMO Kerr McGee to Mobile loads for exports UMOKM Mobile to Kerr McGee empties for the mine Kerr McGee Mine is located on the Eldorado District about 10 miles east of Ferber, which is the junction with the Bluford District. UMEEV Memphis (from the BNSF(2) to Evanston, MS. UEVME Evanston, MS, to Memphis and the BNSF(2). (2)This is the former SLSF (Frisco). These trains have BN, BNSF, Oakway Leasing and sometimes ATSF power. This is Powder Basin coal from Wyoming going to a power plant at Evanston. Return to IC Home Page